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The Flexitarian Foodie - Jax Moorcroft

Welcome to my little cosy corner of the internet. Here I share all my hints and tips as a busy mom on a mission converting my home and family to a more eco-friendly way of life. Making simple swap outs in our day-to-day life and opting for more eco-friendly alternatives in the kitchen, home and garden. Striking a balance between being more sustainably, while still living in the real world.

I'm an aspiring eco-warrior - most days it's still a work in progress. But each little step I can take in the right direction helps me stay motivated to keep going. On the good days I'm recycling, repurposing, composting and upcycling like a ninja. And on the bad days I'm not beating myself up for less than perfect choices because I'm in this for the long haul, not just a week-long pursuit of perfection that inevitably fizzles out.




Becoming a mom was a serious eye-opener to the kind of legacy we are leaving behind for the next generation. I’m doing my best to share my love of real food with my kids, in the hopes that one day they will grow up also respecting and nurturing their bodies with wholesome food. My recipes are centred around family-friendly meals using real ingredients, but as a busy working mom I take a realistic approach.

So I'm crusading one coffee cup at a time to create awareness by sharing simple, yet impactful ways to make a difference day by day. Learning along the way how to tread a little lighter while still making each step we take positively impactful. Please come and join me on this wild adventure, but first let me put the kettle on, all good things start with a cuppa. Pull up a chair, let's get to know each other...