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Chickenstrone Soup

Ever wonder what to do with that leftover chicken carcass...
Jax Moorcroft

Less-waste morning cuppa

Just about every single person I know drinks something cup-worthy...

How to throw a less-waste birthday party

Birthday parties are awesome! Who doesn't love an occasion entirely...
Jax High Resolution 1-21

The Flexitarian philosophy

“What exactly is a Flexitarian?” is a question I get...
Home composting

How to become a home-composting hero

Food waste is one of the largest contributors to climate...

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The Flexitarian Foodie - Jax Moorcroft

My name is Jax. I'm a quirky mom of two who moonlights as a food blogger, recipe developer and all-round foodie enthusiast. I’m on a journey to live, eat and consume more consciously.

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Chickenstrone Soup

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