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Jax Moorcroft

That time we stopped using shampoo

I know, I know, you're probably already rolling your eyes....
The Flexitarian Foodie - Jax Moorcroft

A little bit about me…

Welcome to my little cosy corner of the internet. Here...
Healthy school lunchbox ideas

Lunchbox Inspiration

Daily inspiration can be hard to find when you’ve been...
Jax High Resolution 1-21

The Flexitarian philosophy

“What exactly is a Flexitarian?” is a question I get...
Jax Moorcroft

My story – Life, loss and learning to love lettuce leaves

This post has been sitting in my drafts for several...
Flexitarian Foodie retailer 1920x800

The Flexitarian foodie is out now!

The day has finally arrived! It feels like I'm bringing...

About me

The Flexitarian Foodie - Jax Moorcroft

My name is Jax. I'm a quirky mom of two who moonlights as a food blogger, recipe developer and all-round foodie enthusiast. I’m on a journey to live, eat and consume more consciously.

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Healthy school lunchbox ideas
Lunchbox Inspiration
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School-friendly seed butter
School-friendly seed butter

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